Guide to Building in Ballina Shire

Are you thinking of building your dream home? Maybe you're about to renovate, extend or repair your existing home. It can be one of the best times of life. Building or renovating when using a properly insured and licensed builder or tradesperson can be a very rewarding and exciting experience.

After all, you are about to build or renovate your dream home place where you and your loved ones will live and spend many happy years. However, because there is much at stake, it can also be a time of great stress and confusion.

For one thing, you will have to decide on what exactly it is that you want done. Then there are the plans, materials and deadlines to consider. You will need to obtain quotes for the work. You will have to discuss the question of insurance. And you will have to think carefully about your financial matters.

Building or renovating can represent the biggest financial outlay you will ever make. After all those considerations, you will have to sign an important contract that will spell out the responsibilities for both you and the builder tradesperson you are using.

There are major issues to consider, and these are not the sort of things you want to rush into without knowing the options available. Where do you start? Where can you turn to for help? Where can you find friendly assistance and independent information?

NSW Fair Trading

NSW Fair Trading is the New South Wales Government agency which regulates the home building industry. The Department promotes fair trading in the residential building industry and protects consumers' rights. You can find further information about NSW Fair Trading and how it can assist you by clicking here.

Choosing the Right Builder for Me

All builders and tradespeople who want to work in the home building industry in NSW on jobs worth over $1000 in labour and materials and all specialist contractors must be licensed with NSW Fair Trading. To deal with an unlicensed builder or tradesperson is to invite trouble. But what should you look for with a builder? Click here for a guide to the steps involved. Currently, builders who carry out work on your premises in excess of $20,000 must take out Home Owner’s Warranty insurance prior to commencing any works. You should be provided with a copy of this insurance certificate.

Becoming an Owner-Builder

If you are going to do owner-builder work in excess of $5,000 and you are not the holder of a contract licence or qualified supervisor’s certificate issued under the Home Building Act 1989 authorising you do such work, you must obtain an owner-builder permit from NSW Fair Trading. To find out how click here.

Insurance for Your Investment

Now that you're ready to build, how do you insure the works, so that your investment is secure? To find out more click here.

Building Resources

More Information

Should you have any enquiries please contact Council's Building Services Section on 02 6686 1415 or email

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