Environmental Action @ Work and School

Environmental action @ work

More sustainable business practices can provide a range of benefits for your organization including better environmental outcomes, increase marketing potential and significantly reduced business operating costs. Council’s Urban Sustainable Business Project worked with local business to help improve their environmental outcomes…..read more

Ride to Work day  is a great event to be involved in, and is a fantastic way to launch your new greener travel plan for your workplace. The Travelsmart website offers an Employer's Toolkit which can be used in your workplace to develop an action plan for more sustainable travel options for in-work travel and commuting. The Northern Rivers Carpool  is a free, online web service for anyone who wants to save money, meet new people and reduce their carbon footprint while travelling to work or study.


Environmental action @ school

Our schools are great places to start life long education about the environment and living sustainably. In our schools, students can participate with our communities to reduce our greenhouse emissions. We can guide the next generation toward environmental responsibility, diverting waste and conserving resources. Sustainable Schools  provides information for your school to reduce its footprint and energy use, as well as providing great resources to promote environmental awareness to school children.

High schools in the Northern Rivers have been participating in the Power to Make a Difference Project to identify and improve energy use in school buildings. This project involved installing Cent-a-meters (energy monitors) and providing teaching support for their use.

Sustainable travel is another great way for schools to reduce their footprint. Events like Walk Safely to School Day promote physical activity that also benefits the environment within schools. Cool Commuters Maps are available for Ballina, Lennox Head and Alstonville/Wardell/Wollongbar

Water conservation in schools is an easy way to help the environment. The Rous Water  website provides a  great "kid friendly" resource to use water wisely. Another initiative is to implement a waste reduction strategy. Most of the waste in schools is paper based and generated right in the classroom. Council's Waste Management Centre  provides educational tours of the Materials Recovery Centre and Landfill. Clean up Australia day is another great way for schools to get involved in helping their local environment.

The Teachers Kit issued by the Office of Environment and Heritage provides some great tools and ideas for teachers and students to gain a great understanding of biodiversity in their local environment.

The Ballina Shire Urban Garden Guide can also help to indentify the correct plants for your school and is a handy reference to identify existing plants. Get involved in National Plant a Tree Day which engages children and schools in thinking about their environment.

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