Trade Waste

Almost every business within the Shire is capable of producing liquid trade waste, and Ballina Shire Council is the local body tasked to ensure that it is managed in a responsible manner.

Council's primary role in the disposal of liquid trade waste is to ensure that the waste products do not compromise the health and safety of the community, or cause adverse impacts upon the environment. Council must also ensure that the liquid waste generated by private businesses doesn't damage publicly owned infrastructure or impose undue financial burdens upon the community.

The disposal of liquid trade waste need not be an expensive or difficult operation. With treatment, some liquid waste is capable of being disposed of through the sewerage system. This system is mostly designed to collect, transfer and treat wastewater, however the sewerage system can accept some liquid trade waste provided that the discharges are known, planned, and controlled.

Some liquid waste however is not acceptable within the sewerage system. For the generators of these by-products, Council can assist the managers of those businesses with options such as on site management or joint treatment options with other facility operators.

From the smallest sole operator, through to the largest commercial venture, almost every business produces liquid trade waste at some time. It is important that the owners and operators of these businesses view Council as a partner in them helping solve their liquid waste disposal problems.

If you would like more information on this topic, please contact Council's Water Quality and Trade Waste Officer on 6686 1449.

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